Create & Share Your Own Photo Filters

A new platform for editing photos.

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Easily create your own photo filters

Style your photos using filters made by others

It’s completely free to browse and use anyone’s filters to style your photos. Upgrade for $2.99 to create an unlimited number of your own filters.

Premium filter packs, created by professionals, are just 99¢

Try it out, drag the white bar.

Multiple Filters

Apply multiple filters on a single image! You can change the intensity of each filter to quickly get the exact look you want.

Mark as Favorite

Mark any filter as a favorite to quickly access it in the future.

Duplicate Layers

When building your own filter you can duplicate any layer to make a quick copy of it and tweak it from there.

Easily Shareable

When you upgrade to create your own filters you’ll automatically get your own web profile page to make sharing and showing off all your filters super easy.

Filter Sync

Filters you create on your mobile are instantly available on your desktop and vice versa.
An ideal workflow for professional photographers.

Custom Effects

Combine any number of these effects as layers to create your perfect filter.

  • Curves
  • Vignette
  • Blur
  • Color Fill
  • Adjustments
  • Gradient
  • Light
  • Fade
  • More Soon
Filtron Premium Filters

Filter Packs created by Pros for just 99¢


Filtron is more than just a photo editor. It gives you the ability to create, use & share photo filters. Download Filtron for free on iOS or Mac.

What are filters?

Filters can turn your ordinary photos into something beautiful with a single tap/click.

Filters are made up of a bunch of settings and effects all bundled into something you can download and use to enhance your photos. Filtron makes it super easy to create complex filters and share them with the world.